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a documentary by Luca Vullo

A docu-fiction that investigates one of the most original features of Sicilians: their typical body language.

Starting from a legend taken from the writings of Giuseppe Pitrè, freely reinterpreted, the film takes the viewer on a journey to the border between fantasy and reality, aiming at fun and discovering one of the most original Sicilian abilities: the capacity to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. That particular skill has allowed this people to make themselves understood in every moment of its history and from whatever foreigner came to its land, to dominate it or to pay homage to it. Making use of talented actors (Evelyn Famà, Rosario Petìx and Vincenzo Volo) and shot in various parts of Sicily, "The voice of the body" also proposes to be a useful, but still easygoing, vademecum for tourists interested in knowing more on the place they are going to visit and on the people who populate it. The drivers on this journey, in addition to the guide-actors, are leading figures from the world of Sicilian culture and entertainment, including Pippo Baudo, Emma Dante, Lucia Sardo, Salvo La Rosa, Mimmo Cuticchio. Made in Sicily is also the soundtrack, which uses pieces by groups such as Agricantus, Tinturia and Ipercussonici. The documentary has been recognized as a "Film d'Essai" by the Ministry of Culture, Directorate General for Cinema and continues to be shown successfully throughout the world in schools, universities and Italian Cultural Institutes.


Writer, Director & Producer: Luca Vullo

Director of Photograpy: Giorgio Giannoccaro 

Editing: Francesca Bracci 

Original Soundtrack: Fabrizio Galante, Enrico Nisati e Piero Simoncini 

Songs by: Agricantus, Tinturia, Ipercussonici 

Sound engineer: Marco Parollo 

Post-Production, Audio: Simone Frati

Post-Production, Colour correction: Sebastiano Greco

Main Cast: Evelyn Famà, Rosario Petìx, Vincenzo Volo 

Also featuring Simona Miraglia (Choreography), Riccardo Maria Tarci, Marzia Patanè Tropea, Marina Puglisi, Patrizia Scilla, Giacomo Buccheri, Giuseppe Minnella

Special guests: Lucia Sardo, Salvo La Rosa, Mimmo Cuticchio, Tuccio Musumeci, Roberto Alajmo, Pippo Baudo, Enrico Guarneri, Emma Dante, Lello Analfino

Historical Advisor: Rosanna Zaffuto Rovello

Length: 60'  

Year: 2012 

Format: DVD and Blue-ray

Country: Italy 

Type: DocuFiction

Genre:  social/anthropological comedy