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Author, director and producer of cinema and theatre, Luca Vullo is a performer and communication coach based in London.  As an ambassador for Italian gestures in the world, Luca for many years has worked with prestigious Universities, Italian Cultural Institutes, Dante Alighieri Societies, Companies, Cultural Associations and Schools in different parts of the world (America, Europe, Asia, Oceania) to hold, as a body language expert, workshops, lectures, team building, master classes, scientific conferences and events. Among the important collaborations, mention must be made of the one with the Royal National Theater of London, as a Sicilian gestural coach for the show "Liolà" by Pirandello, directed by Riald Eyre and the collaboration with BBC 2 in the role of Consultant for the "See Hear" program and his participation as an artist-in-residence at Mills College in Oakland, California, for teaching Italian non-verbal communication at the Summer School. After years of exploring and comparing with non-verbal communication in different countries, LA VOCE DEL CORPO became his first theatrical show in which, besides being the protagonist, Luca is also an author and director. The show is currently touring around the world  both in English and in Italian. He is in charge of the "Parallel Alphabet" column for the "Gattopardo" Magazine and his is the author of the book "L'Italia s'è gesta. How to speak Italian without speaking"  where he tells the international adventures as Teacher of Italian gestures published by "Ultra" and part of the comedy series books "Veni vidi risi" edited by Stefano Sarcinelli.

Luca is the the author, director and co-producer of RED ZONES the first italian documentary series about the pandemia 2020 broadcasted on Sky Italy. It's a co-production Ondemotive Productions Ltd and Videoplugger Ltd.



Calabrese by birth, Sicilian by adoption, but with a cosmopolitan spirit, Angela is an chef, member of the Italian Federation, who has worked for public and private catering for more than 20 years. She collaborates with Legambiente, Slow Food and has curated a training laboratory as an outdoor expert at the Hotel Institute of Caltanissetta demonstrating her skills as a chef and pastry chef. The passion for cooking is always in step with the sartorial one, two great professional skills that have allowed her to enter the film industry, taking care as costume designer for the film projects of her son Luca Vullo. The love for the cooking and the inexhaustible curiosity towards the different traditions, feed her desire to deal with vegetarian and gluten-free cooking. Since 2018 she has been involved in the theatrical performance "La voce del corpo" by Luca Vullo, where she recites with her son on stage in the role of herself (the typical mother of the South Italy). The show was presented successfully in Caltanissetta, Siracusa, Palermo and Stavanger (Norway). In 2019 the show is scheduled in London and in other northern European countries. Angela not only plays her role on stage, she also takes care of the Italian tasting offered to the public in the hall, for an event that combines masterly fun and immersion in the tradition of our Country. Meanwhile, Angela continues to work as head of a school kitchen that churns out more than 300 meals every day, alternating private catering, film projects and theatrical shows.                                   


In the beginning it was just a documentary about Sicilian Gestures. However after the successful tour of screening around the world, Luca Vullo has transformed the idea of the movie in an successful  project to promote the Italian Gestures as an Italian's cultural heritage. Luca is now involved in many different fields: School and University education, theatrical and corporate coaching, television consultancy, scientific advice and pure entertainment. Infact, from several years "The voice of the body" is become a funny interactive workshop about Italian Gestures, a theatrical show, an experential team building, a scientific conference and much more.