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  • La Voce del Corpo
  • La Voce del Corpo
  • La Voce del Corpo

The Film

Italians are renowned throughout the world for their ability to express themselves through gestures and body language – an additional layer of meaning that enriches their informal conversations, their greetings, and even their official speeches. 

The Voice of the Body (La voce del corpo) aims to create a deeper understanding of this surprising form of communication. The narrative of the film originates from an old legend found amongst the notes of renowned Italian folklorist Giuseppe Pitrè, and it focuses in particular on the non-verbal communication strategies enacted by the Sicilians, veritable masters of the art of ‘speaking with the body’. 

The Voice of the Body was recognized as a ‘Film d’Essai’ (i.e., a work with a superior authorial quality) by the Italian Ministry of Culture, General Direction for Cinema; it was subsequently entered in the ‘Schermi di Qualità’ scheme for the promotion of Italian cinema. Furthermore, the movie was selected for the Sicilian Itinerant Festival of Documentaries ‘VisionanDOC’ organized by FICE Sicily, and was screened in several municipal and provincial halls in Sicily between November 2012 and February 2013. 

The Voice of the Body continues to receive screenings worldwide in schools, universities, and cultural institutes.


  • Best Documentary at 6th edition of the Epizephiry International Film Festival
  • Best Documentary at 2nd edition of the Cinemaclick International Web Film Festival and New Media Festival in Rome.
  • Special Mention at 7th edition of the Sicilian Film Festival in Miami

Notable screenings:

National Theatre – London

Acclaimed director Richard Eyre ( used The Voice of the Body and Luca Vullo’s expertise to coach his actors for the 2013 National Theatre production of ‘Liolà’ by Sicilian author Luigi Pirandello (in a new adaptation by Tanya Ronder). Luca held a screening of the docudrama and a workshop on Sicilian non-verbal communication for the Irish cast of the production; both were met with great success by the actors and the director. ‘Liolà’ ran from July 31st to November 6th 2013 and received great critical acclaim.


Director Luca Vullo holds regular screenings of The Voice of the Body and workshops on Italian non-verbal communication in major UK and European universities:

Universitat de Barcelona (24 October 2011)

University of Bristol - School of Modern Languages (5-6 November 2013,

King's College London (14 November 2013,

UCL (5 December 2013,

Cambridge University, University of Sussex, Oxford University: 2014, dates to be defined

Italian Cultural Institutes

Screenings of The Voice of the Body have been held at the following Institutes:

London (28 November 2012)

Copenhagen (7 May 2013)

Tirana (October 2013; Luca Vullo was a special guest for the weeklong Italian Language Festival hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute, and presented The Voice of the Body in various secondary schools and universities)

Sidney and Melbourne (5-10 April 2014)

New York, Norway, Germany, France, Edinburgh (2014, dates to be defined)


The Voice of the Body was Italy’s official entry for the 11 th edition of the Tirana International Film Festival 

The Voice of the Body was screened at the CINEDEAF International Festival in Rome (29 November 2013)


Writer, Director: Luca Vullo 

Director of Photograpy: Giorgio Giannoccaro 

Editing: Francesca Bracci

Original Soundtrack: Fabrizio Galante, Enrico Nisati e Piero Simoncini

Songs by: Agricantus, Tinturia, Ipercussonici

Sound engineer: Marco Parollo


Post-Production, Audio: Simone Frati

Post-Production, Colour correction: Sebastiano Greco

Main Cast: Evelyn Famà, Rosario Petìx, Vincenzo Volo 

Also featuring Simona Miraglia (Choreography), Riccardo Maria Tarci, Marzia Patanè Tropea, Marina Puglisi, Patrizia Scilla, Giacomo Buccheri, Giuseppe Minnella

Special guests: Lucia Sardo, Salvo La Rosa, Mimmo Cuticchio, Tuccio Musumeci, Roberto Alajmo, Pippo Baudo, Enrico Guarneri, Emma Dante, Lello Analfino

Historical Advisor: Rosanna Zaffuto Rovello

Length: 60'
  Year: 2011
  Format: DVD and Blue-ray  Country: Italy
 Type: DocuFiction
 Genre: comedy/socio-anthropological documentary 

 Regione Sicilia                                        Sicilia Film Commission

Coreografie di:Simona Miraglia